The improved database of Chimeric Transcripts and RNA-seq data, ChiTaRS-5.0

Milana Frenkel-Morgenstern Lab, Bar-Ilan University, ISRAEL

The ESTs and mRNAs from GenBank have been used to identify chimeric RNAs of two or more different genes. By analyzing hundreds of thousands of chimeric ESTs by RNA sequencing, we found that the expression level of chimeric ESTs is generally low and they are highly tissue specific in normal cells.

Here we present the improved version of the ChiTaRS database (ChiTaRS-5.0) with more then (66,243 + 41,584 + 3,052 + 19 + 67 + 20 + 292 + 305) = 111,582 chimeric transcripts in humans, mice, fruit flies, rats, zebrafishes, cows, pigs, and yeast. In the current version we extended the experimental data evidence as well as included a novel type of the sense-antisense chimeric transcripts of the same gene confirmed experimentally by RT-PCR, qPCR, RNA-sequencing and mass-spec peptides. In addition, we collected 23,167 human cancer breakpoints with the expression levels of chimeric RNAs confirmed by the paired-end RNA-sequencing experiments in different tissues in humans, mice and fruit flies.


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Original version of the ChiTaRS-3.1.1 database


Supported by VaTaT (Israel), Miguel Servet (Spain), Consolider (Spain), ENCODE grants.